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Emerging Design: Hall of Fame

8 Sep

One of our newest Hall of Fame inductees, fashion journalist and editor Janice Breen Burns, introduced four up and coming designers that she thinks will carry the local designer flag in years to come. Presenting Livia Arena, Lui Hon, Pink Stitch and Kings of Carnaby. Do you agree?

P.S. Did you know Jan introduced street style photography to her newspaper over 15 years ago? Take that Sartorialist et al! She also spotted now-famous face Andrej Pejic several years ago. So Jan, tell us what shall we wear next Spring?

Pink Stitch – for the girl who has an eye for trends but doesn’t fall victim to fashion.

Livia Arena – Already mastering the art of gentle tailoring and subtlety.

Kings of Carnaby – Easily a notch above their fellow street-inspired peers with a nod to cool Britannia.

Lui Hon – another master of subtlety, except for when it comes to his glorious feathered pants.