Bringing Glamour Back: Lisa Barron

22 Aug

Now doesn’t this sound glamorous? I managed to steal industry stalwart and Fashion Hall of Fame designer Lisa Barron momentarily from a photo shoot at the historic Malvern Town Hall (to be published around town tomorrow) for a quick chat about her new collection (a sneak peek below), being a part of the fashion industry and what’s up next for her label.

Tell us about your new Spring/Summer 2011/12 collection…

It’s bringing back glamour from the 50’s and 60’s. I’m into celebrating women of all shapes. When the economy is down you don’t want to dress like it is!

Do you have any advice for young designers trying to break into the industry?

You need passion and initiative. It’s a bit indescribable, but you see young girls (Ed. or guys!) with this curiosity that will help them.

Apart from showing on the catwalk at our Spring Fashion Runway on September 1st, what else is in the works for Lisa Barron as a label?

We’re already working on next Winter’s collection, we’re looking forward to the Spring races and we’ve got three or four events happening for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.

Busy lady!

You can see Lisa Barron, along with a plethora of other local labels, on the catwalk at our Spring Fashion Runway. For further details or to book  simply click here.


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