Fast 5 with Alannah Hill

16 Aug

Fashion Hall of Fame-r designer Alannah Hill has long been known for her girlish style and enduring love for big hair, lipstick and high heels. Her latest collection ‘My Summer Love Story’ for Spring Summer 11/12 is a profusion of floral prints, festive polka dots and glittering sequins (should we ever expect anything less than ultra-femininity from Ms. Hill?). I’ve chosen my top 3 favourite looks from the collection below; if you’re an AH fangirl I’d love to hear about yours in the comments.

I truly want to wear this entire outfit to the Spring racing carnival, perfect for a not-so-sunny day.

Let’s be honest, I have nowhere to wear this. Will twirling around in it in my own bedroom suffice?

You can tell from my blog that I’m partial to a lemon-y yellow in Spring. And that very on-trend envelope clutch? Covet!

I managed to catch up with the designer for a fun little Q&A session;

What are your favourite colours for the Spring/Summer season ahead?
My favourite colours for S/S are fire engine red, sherbet, and dazzling lipstick pink! And SPOTS! I really do love spots. Big orange and red poppy spots clashing on a bed of hot pink silk!

What’s your favourite way to celebrate Spring’s arrival?
My favourite way to celebrate is to PRETEND I am going to the Spring Carnival! I pretend, pretend, pretend and actually always believe I am going!! I choose many outfits, designing them and trying them on in the evening. I swan around the house in these lovely girl spark, wonderful costumes and then, the Spring Carnival is upon me!!

I get a little bit overwrought and anxious and the thought of all the people and the social hub of activity alarms my heart shaped little heart!!

What’s your favourite place to spend time in Stonnington?
I love spending time in David Jones. I really do. I wander from floor to floor marvelling at all the little wonders and I especially love the lingerie section and the candy section. I also love spending time in my car. Staring out the window, imagining all sorts of bizarre and ludicrous scenarios as the world rushes by whilst I listen to Blondie, Abba, or some other ’80’s music as I have been told I have the WORST taste in music of ALL TIME!!

What’s your best fashion advice for handling Melbourne’s tumultuous weather in Springtime?
Oh the Spring Time Fashion Weather. Hard to hear this girls but you need a very expensive beautifully cut jacket which is sharp, colourful and has two or three brooches of cherry clusters, flowers, or ribbon embellishment on the lapel. Lace frocks with a gorgeous wool blend/cashmere beaded cardigan is also a great way to keep warm and not look skimpy or cold and shaky with little freezes of rain pelting at you!

Can you share your style inspirations for the upcoming season?
Major style inspirations would be long maxi skirts and dainty beaded boleros. I love gowns this past week. Long glamorous gowns with gorgeous collars of flower embellishments sitting perkily around sweet little necks!

Colour! Bold sherbets, yellows and pond green! Large rose floral prints also send me crazy with love! The 1930’s glamour sirens all dressed up in a more modern 2012 type personality is the way to go this season. And perfect lipstick pouts with perfect bow shaped lips can almost let you get away with anything. Confidence and style with a zappy and snappy little personality to match will allow you to light up any room! Especially if you’re slightly over dressed in your lovely long maxi’s, your hair coiffed, parted in the middle with a halo of fresh flowers attached!

You can see Alannah Hill, along with a plethora of other local labels, on the catwalk at our Spring Fashion Runway. For further details or to book  simply click here. Visit Alannah at 533 Chapel Street, South Yarra.


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